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Welcome to Liberty Bell Radio

Every movement has a soundtrack, and we are proud to start introducing you to the artists that will make the music for ours. There are artists out there with messages that need to be heard but have had doors slammed in their face. No more. We want to find those people who believe in America and make sure their message is seen and heard.


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For those of you who know me well I have not been one to ask for money. But with the current circumstances I have no other choice but to ask in order to keep Liberty Bell Radio going. If you can help great, if not I truly understand.

Liberty Bell Radio Launching critically important $1000 fundraising push!

To that end we are launching a $1000 fundraising drive to pay for our expenditures we have that include LBR website hosting, server for our DJ program and stream url.
I have strived hard to have 24/7 conservative music that would help change the culture with no cost to you. But I am not able to continue without the help of friends like you that know how much this cause means to all of us.
We have raise to date (11/1/13) $250.00 of the $1000.

You can make a contribution for any amount from as little as $5 up to how ever much you can give. You can also donate on a one time Click Here or even sign up to give monthly Click Here.

What every you can give will help keep Liberty Bell Radio playing for years to come.

Please send to others that you know that are able to help change the culture. Thanks.

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